Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ah, to be a kid in the 70’s where playing with toys might be dangerous but thrilling! Here we have ‘Super-Elastic-Bubble-Plastic!’ Very simple. You put the goo on the straw, blew into it and created a multi-colored plastic bubble that blew up in your face. Did it ever get in your eyes? No problem. Did you ever swallow any of this stuff? No problem. It was after all the 70’s.
We survived. Another great product from the company with the equally thrilling name- Wham-o!

Another fun toy was ‘The Battling Tops.’ Pull the string and let them go! They would fly out of the ring, pinging and bouncing everywhere. Just look at the excitement in the eyes of the kids on the box! You know you wanted to be a part of that!

Even the names of the tops spelled danger! Could you trust them?

Well somewhere around the late 60’s there were some toys for the little ones that were tame. But the technology was amazing. Take for example the ‘Tricky Busy School Bus.’ You blew the whistle and the bus rolled forward about 3 feet. The level of excitement was through the roof, and this prepared you for what was to come.
The thrills and danger of my childhood was just beginning - I’ve got lots of this stuff, so watch out for 60's and 70's Toys Part-2 !

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